Release notes

last updated 05.28.2024

May 2024

Deployed on May 28th.

  • Implemented Account Lock and password reset on invalid attempts
  • Change so users will be not able to skip the ESA when they login
  • Implemented a cookie to check if the ESA is complete for user
  • Kendo AJAX Upload control
  • Tour widget updates
  • Kendo grid pager style update
  • New notification banner widget
  • Tabs layout with mobile accordion

March 2024

Deployed on March 12th.

  •  Implemented cache buster for the website .
  •  Implemented google analytics to track the website traffic.
  •  Updates to file upload functionality.
  •  Invitation redemption of permit application.
  •  Complete ESA at the time of login for every application.
  •  Dashboard functionality.
  •  Option to hide security questions at the time of user validation.
  •  Document display form widget.
  •  Portal permissions shift. Permissions now centered around permit application.
  • New streamlined location access and new location entry.
  • Removed location request.


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