Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to the login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link just above the login button.

Do I need to do the identity-proofing step before I can submit a permit application?

Only if the program you are submitting a permit application for is an EPA CROMERR-compliant program. Here’s a list of CROMERR-compliant programs:

Can I change my security questions?

Yes. Navigate to this page, select a different question, provide an answer, and click on the Save button.

I need to make a correction to a permit that I already submitted. Can I do that?

No. Once you submit a permit application, it cannot be edited. However, in certain circumstances, you can contact the DEQ Division of the program to re-open your permit application.

I can’t fill out the permit application in a single sitting. Will the system save what I’ve entered so far so that I don’t have to re-enter anything?

Yes. The system automatically saves your permit application progress when you click on the green “Next” button on the bottom right of each application screen.

I logged out without finishing my permit application. How do I access it so that I can complete it?

After logging back into the system, navigate to “My Applications”, find your permit in the table grid, and click on the pencil (edit) icon under the “Action” column.

How do I view/track the status of my permit application?

Go to “My Applications”, find your permit application in the table grid, and click on the pencil (edit) icon. You will then see a status tracker display similar to the one illustrated below.

RO - Responsible Official

This representative with the authority to be the primary decision-maker for the property or business function. This person can prepare and submit permit applications.

  • This role is responsible and accountable for compliance.
  • ​ Signature Authority​
  • Ability to Prepare/Submit applications, modifications, data/reports and pay fees. (see individual rules for the program)​
  • Manage My Team – add DRO, Preparer, Certifier and Admin
  • Examples: Owner, Operator, Plant Manager, Corporate Officer, Elected Official, LLC owner/operator, etc.​

DRO - Designated Responsible Official

This representative is defined as a duly Authorized Representative within the RO’s organization that has been given specific powers/authority to act on the behalf of the RO. Delegation of duties to the Authorized Representative must be approved in advanced and documented. This role can submit applications and compliance reports.​

  • Federal permits must have the DROs be in their organization​
  • Permit process to trigger the review of DROs assigned to a RO account for the short-term project DROs​
  • Signature Authority​
  • Ability to Prepare/Submit applications, modifications, data/Reports and pay fees. (see individual rules for the program)​
  • Manage My Team – add Preparer, Certifier and Admin​
  • Examples: Public Works Director, High Ranking Official, etc


Certifier is defined as someone that prepares permit applications or compliance reports on behalf of the DRO or RO.

  • This role cannot submit applications or compliance reports.​
  • Can pay fees on behalf of the DRO or RO once an application has been submitted by the RO/DRO
  • Examples: Consultant, Agent, Contractor, etc.​


This is an authorized representative with the authority to prepare a permit application, but cannot submit an application.


Defined as someone that can pay bills/fees on behalf of the DRO or RO.​

**NOTE** - Higher level roles will inherent lower level role functionality and access​

I need some help with the system. Who do I contact?

Fill out and submit this form, which is also available by navigating to the help menu and selecting the “Contact Us” menu item.

I have a technical question about my permit/program. Who do I contact about it?

You can contact DEQ staff directly via email (a staff directory is available here: Alternatively, you can fill out the “Contact Us” form and make sure to select “I have a permit-related technical question” from the “Type of Issue” listbox. Your question will get routed to the appropriate DEQ staff who will then contact you.

I received a website error/ran into a bug on the website. How do I get this resolved?

Fill out the “ Contact Us” form and make sure to select “I have a website functionality question” from the “Type of Issue” listbox. Make sure you provide enough details about the specific issue you encountered, including which permit application you were in, steps to reproduce the problem, browser, operating system, etc.

What are the processing fees if I use a credit card or ACH to pay for my permit?

If you use a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover), the fee is 1.85% of the invoice amount + $3.00. If you pay via ACH (bank draft), the fee is a flat fee of $1.25 + $3.00, or $4.25 total fee regardless of the invoice amount.

Can I pay by check instead of credit card or ACH?

Yes. You can still send in a payment by check via mail. When you select “I will send a check” the system will provide a mailing address. Please note that your permit application will be considered incomplete until your payment is received.

What is CROMERR?

EPA’s Cross Media Electronic Reporting Rule provides the legal framework for electronic reporting under EPA’s regulatory programs. The Rule sets performance-based, technology-neutral system standards and provides a streamlined, uniform process for Agency review and approval of electronic reporting. The CROMERR program ensures the enforceability of regulatory information collected electronically by EPA and EPA’s state, tribal and local government partners.  More info at




ARPAAmerican Rescue Plan Act
BPABrownfields Property Application
BRSBrownfields Redevelopment Section
COCCertificate of Coverage
CROMERRCross Media Electronic Reporting Requirement
DAQDivision of Air Quality
DEMLRDivision of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources
DEQDepartment of Environmental Quality
DRODesignated Responsible Official
DWMDivision of Waste Management
DWRDivision of Water Resources
E&SCErosion and Sediment Control
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
ESAElectronic Signature Agreement
FROFFinancial Responsibility/Ownership Form
LUCLand Use Control
LURULand Use Restriction Update
LUSTLeaking Underground Storage Tank
NCGSNorth Carolina General Statutes
NPDESNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
PDProspective Developer
ROResponsible Official
USTUnderground Storage Tank

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